Bailee Madison

I met Bailee ABC Family's "Trophy Wife" actress) at the 2013 Catalina Film Festival, where she was being honored with an award. We didn't have much time to get her ready, but despite the time pressure, she stayed calm, and ended up looking like the vibrant beauty she is- all within 20 minutes. (see photo below)

Actress- Bailee Madison      Make-Up Artist / Hair Stylist - MARA CAPOZZI

I was really impressed by her warm eyes, great smile and positive attitude. Since then I have enjoyed doing her Hair and or Make-up for other red carpet events. Thought I'd post some favorites, and stay tuned for more in the future:)

Bailee Madison on Hallmark Channel red carpet     Make-up Artist- MARACAPOZZI
On The red carpet of "FROZEN" Premiere

On The red carpet of "FROZEN" Premiere

Hair & Make-up for Bailee Madison @ Frozen Premiere
Bailee Madison At NYLON Magazine Young Hollywood Party -   Make-up by MARA CAPOZZI